morons of H.A.R.
finest code for years

This little game is an epilogue to the game „Heli in the Cave“. It was created for the „New Years Disk 2015“ as a gimmick. Therefore, it has some minor graphical glitches which, however, shouldn’t affect the gameplay.

Finishing the game is rather easy. The main difficulty is in the collision detection. 🙂 After getting used to it – the level design never demands pixel perfect movement – it is quite manageable to reach the goal. Well, the tricky part might be the switch in the last room, but again, a few tries should suffice to master it.

After leaving the „switch room“ you can eiter simply drop down and finish the game or try to kill up to three enemies for bonus points. Don’t be afraid, they cannot kill you. Talking about points, after getting the „Thrust Kick“ you are able to kill monsters in the cave. Just double jump and then hold the stick down and press the trigger again.

>> Download: D.I.T.C.H.